Patagonia Trekking

Patagonia is a region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile.

The destination has a whole host of various terrain just waiting to be explored.

The best places to visit in Patagonia are:

  • Chile's famous Maipo Valley for fabulous wine tasting and equally good food
  • Exploring the Torres del Paine National Park
  • Admiring the grey glaciers of Refugio Grey

Did you know...

  • The term Patagonia comes from the word patagon used by Magellan in 1520 to describe the native people
  • The area of Patagonia spans a massive 1,043,076 km squared
  • Patagonia is home to six national parks all of which are stunningly beautiful 
  • South America is famous for It's excellent food and wine
  • Patagonia is also known for to be home to many Dinosaur fossils
The best time of the year to visit Patagonia is November to early March for pleasantly cool weather and excellent trekking conditions.

By Air:

There are many flights that arrive in Santiago International Airport daily.