5 September 2018

September Walking Tips

The arrival of September has brought with it some pleasant and not to mention cooler weather, the overall perfect conditions for walking.

Here are some of our top tips for walking in September:

1. Layer Up: Although September usually has a cooler, more pleasant temperature it can also still be relatively warm in the afternoon. The key is to layer up in the morning with light pieces of clothing so you can take them off as and when you start to feel the warmth.

2. Pack a proof: September can also sometimes be unpredictable and chuck it down at any given moment. When heading out on your September walk, remember to pack a waterproof.

3. Stay hydrated: As with any walking trip regardless of the weather it's really important to ensure that you stay well hydrated. Invest in a handy BPA Free Water Bottle or opt for investing in a Camelbak.

4. Energy Snacks: Walking can use up alot of energy and even if in the cooler weather it's important to make sure that you take along some energy boosting snacks. Things like nuts, energy bars and fruit are great and easy to carry on your trip.

5. Good Map: Before heading out on your September walking trip, make sure you have planned your route safely and efficiently, you wouldn't want to get lost now!

Do you have any walking tips that you want to share? Let us know on social media.

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