1 May 2017

National Walking Month

May is Living Streets National Walking Month. Living Streets is a UK charity for everyday walking and this year they’re asking people to get out walking everyday and help build a picture of how walkable the UK is.

There are many ways to get involved with National Walking Month, so why not try out these methods below?

  • #Try20 – Living Streets are encouraging people to walk for 20 minutes each day throughout May. You’ll be surprised at the health benefits and you’ll get to enjoy some fresh air and maybe even some sunshine!
  • Walking Lunch – A great way to get on your feet during your long working day is to have a walking lunch. Get on your feet and walk or stroll to get your lunch or just enjoy getting outside for a while.
  • Walking Meetings – Following on from walking lunches, if you have a meeting planned why not take it outside and enjoy discussing ideas while getting some exercise into your day?
  • Enjoy a city trail – Go on an adventure and explore your local city or town by foot. You’ll be surprised at what you can discover while on foot.
As a walking holiday provider, we absolutely love National Walking Month and would like to encourage people to get involved. Don’t forget, here at Compass Holidays we have a number of walking short breaks or holidays for you to enjoy, take a look here.
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