14 December 2017

Let’s do our bit to cut air pollution with more cycling and walking!


A recent article written by the Guardian has highlighted the extensive benefits of walking and cycling and has demonstrated the difference an increase in cycling and walking would make to the environment and our health.

The article features statistics from a study carried out by the transport charity Sustrans; it indicates that if UK government targets for increasing cycling and walking in England and Scotland are met, it would “reduce deaths from air pollution by more than 13,000 in the next 10 years”. It also suggests that just short of £10bn would be saved.

The article emphasises the number of premature deaths in the UK that are related to air pollution, quoting the figure to be around 40,000 deaths per year.

With the extensive range of walking and cycling tours we offer here at Compass Holidays, why not enjoy a break whilst doing your bit to reduce the number of premature deaths in the UK. You have the perfect opportunity to make a difference whilst simply doing what you love, enjoying beautiful scenery and keeping yourself active.

And why does your enjoyment of cycling and walking have to be restricted to weekends or holidays? Instead of jumping into the car on a Monday morning, why not hop onto your bike and cycle to work instead? If those of us who already enjoy cycling make this commitment, we will be well on our way to reducing air pollution for the benefit of us all!

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