Ultimate Patagonia 2019 - 2020 Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Santiago.

You will be collected from Santiago’s international airport and taken to your bed and breakfast, located in the Providencia district just south of Santiago Metropolitan Park, which has several trails, a Japanese garden and the National Zoo.

Peak Altitude: 1,870 ft (569m)

Day 2: From Santiago to Punta Arenas then onto Puerto Natales.

An early start for a pre-dawn flight to Chilean Patagonia. After a 3.5 hour flight, meet your local trekking guide in Punta Arenas who will then accompany you  on a 3 hour bus rideto Puerto Natales . On the way, soak up the beautiful views of the ocean surrounded by snow-capped peaks. On arrival explore the quaint town of Puerto Natales then spend the night at the lodge.

Peak Altitude: 1,870 ft (569m)

Day 3: Puerto Natales to Refugio Las Torres (492ft/150m).

Take a morning hike on private land just outside the city to see recently uncovered archeological ruins. Afterwards, enjoy a picnic before heading to the entrance gates of Torres del Paine and settling into Refugio Las Torres for the evening.

Peak Altitude: 492 ft (150m)

Day 4: Refugio Las Torres (492ft/150m).

Start the trek with day packs as you ascend through a rocky terrain cut by pristine glacial rivers. Climb two thousand feet as you trek through a beautiful Lenga forest before reaching the base of the towers. Another shorter climb will put you meters from the towers and the emerald lake that sits at their base. Return to the mountain lodge for the evening.

Peak Altitude: 2,870 ft (875m)

Approx. hiking distance 12.5 miles (20 km) - 8 hours of trekking (*day pack only today)


Day 5: Refugio Las Torres to Refugio Los Cuernos (229ft/70m).

Spend the majority of this part of the trek nestled on a trail between Lake Nordenskjold and Mount Almirante Nieto of the Paine Massif. Arrive at Refugio Los Cuernos, “The Horns”, nestled between the two famous horned peaks, Cerro Hoja and Cerro Máscara.

Peak Altitude: 797 ft (243m) 

Approx. hiking distance 7 miles (11.3 km) - 7 to 8 hours of trekking

Day 6: Refugio Los Cuernos to Refugio Paine Grande (119ft/37m).

Head out from Los Cuernos and hike through Torres’ old-growth forest. Pass by the French Camp and arrive at the Italian Camp, which is the start to the French Valley. At the Italian Camp, drop your full backpacks and repack your food, water and windbreaker into your daypack for the hike into the French Valley. If you’re feeling up to it, hike an additional 8 miles (13 km) round-trip into the French Valley for stunning 360 views of the park.

Peak Altitude: 2,495 ft (760m)Total distance

Approx. hiking distance 9 miles (13 km) - 7 to 8 hours or 17 miles (27km) - 12 hours of trekking

Day 7: Refugio Paine Grande to Refugio Grey.

Hike to Grey’s Glacier, an impressive ice field that covers the west end of the park. Enjoy the beauty of the Pehoé and Grey lakes as you approach the glacier. Spend a second night at Paine Grande.

Peak Altitude: 820 ft (250m)

Approx. hiking distance 7 miles (11.3 km) - 4 to 5 hours trekking

Day 8: Refugio Grey (229ft/70m).

On the final day of trekking, make your way along Grey’s Glacier toward Campamento Paso. Scale ladders and enjoy views of the glacier before returning to the lodge for dinner.

Peak Altitude: 820 ft (250m)

Approx. hiking distance 6 to 7 miles (9 to11 km) - 6 to 8 hours trekking


Day 9: Refugio Grey to Puerto Natales.

Spend one final half day in the park. A 3-4 hour walk toward the lake will take you to the catamaran back to Pehoé and out of the park. Bus transportation will be awaiting your arrival to take the scenic ride back to Puerto Natales. Share a farewell to Chile dinner with your guide before a restful night in the lodge.

Peak Altitude: 820 ft (250m)

Approx. hiking distance 7 miles (11 km) - 3 to 4 hours trekking

Inclusions: All meals (choice of 2 options including vegetarian, coffee, tea, water. Other options available for guest purchase); bus transportation; catamaran ride; accommodations

Day 10: Puerto Natales to Calafate and then to El Chaltén.

Take an unaccompanied 5 hour bus ride from Puerto Natales to Calafate where you transfer buses and have an unaccompanied 3 hour ride between El Calafate and El Chaltén.  Here you will be greeted by your Argentinian guide and taken to your B&B in El Chaltén.  A brief meeting about activities on the days to come before spending the evening to exploring the quaint town of El Chaltén.

Peak Altitude: 1,312 ft (400m)

Day 11: El Chaltén to Laguna Torre / Thorwood Camp.

Depart from the hotel and head West, hiking along the Fitz Roy river en route to Laguna Torre and Grand Glacier. At the end of the valley, see Laguna Torre, its glacier, and the famous Mt. Cerro Torre, which is considered one of the most difficult mountains in the world to climb. That evening, overnight in Thorwood Camp (camping accommodation).

Peak Altitude: 2,080 ft (634m) 

Approx. hiking distance 6 miles (9.6 km) - 4 hours trekking

Day 12: : Hike To MT. Fitz Roy / Camp Poincenot.

After breakfast, head North for another day of magnificent views. Pass by three more lakes today; Madre, Hija, and Nieta. Hike another mile to Camp Poincenot where you will stay the night. Drop your bags and take a steep path toward Laguna de Los Tres, the closest you can get to Mt Fitz Roy before needing technical skills. At the top, enjoy breathtaking views of Mt. Fitz Roy, its satellite mountains, and the valley through which you have come (camping accommodation).

Peak Altitude: 2,460 ft (750m) 

Approx. hiking distance 7 miles (11.2 km) - 4.5 hours trekking


Day 13: Poincenot to El Pilat TO Laguna Condor.

After breakfast, hike towards El Pilar where a van will be waiting to take you to Laguna Condor Mountain Hut. Relax in the hot tub or take a bike ride around the area (mountain lodge accommodation).

Peak Altitude: 2,595 ft (791m) 

Approx. hiking distance 5 miles (8 km) - 3 hours trekking

Day 14: Laguna Condor to Chalten to Calafate.

After breakfast at your mountain lodge, head back to El Chaltén followed by the bus ride back to El Calafate.

Peak Altitude: 1,476 ft (450m) 

Day 15: Calafate to Perito Moreno to Calafate.

Take a 2-hour bus ride to Perito Moreno where you'll have the day to explore the stunning Perito Moreno Glacier. The 97 square mile glacier stretches for as far as the eye can see and you will be awe-inspired by the expansive blue ice. 

Day 16: Calafate.

International flights depart from Calafate

Peak Altitude: 653 ft (200m)