16 December 2019

Travel Trends in 2020

After an excellent 2019 season and the new decade upon us, we took a sneak peak into travel trends that are expected to be popular in 2020.

Top 3 2020 Travel Trends

1. Sustainable Travel

With all of the recent media attention, it comes as no surprise that sustainable travel will become more of an essential part of travel rather than a trend in 2020. But with EasyJet offsetting their carbon for every flight and many accommodation providers doing their bit, we think it's going to be a good year for sustainability.

2. Pet Travel

2020 is expected to see a rise in pet travel. With passports available for pooches and pussycats we can see why some people would opt to take their four legged friend away. We work with a variety of accommodation providers who are pet friendly so if you are thinking of bringing your dog (or cat) on one of our walking or cycling holidays, please get in touch.

3. Food Travel

Food travel is popular every year, however a rise is expected in the amount of Veganism travel. With many destinations offering fantastic local cuisine to suit all diet requirements, we can see this being an ever-growing trend.

Where will you be travelling next year? Let us know on social media.


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