17 October 2018

Top five items to take on a winter escape

The temperature is slowly dropping and the nights are drawing in, the winter is well and truly upon us. The winter can be an excellent time to discover a new destination but sometimes it can be difficult knowing what to pack...

To help, we've pulled together our top five items to take on a winter escape:

1. Invest in a good hat & pair of gloves: The secret to staying warm is investing in a good hat & set of gloves. There is nothing worse that a cold head and chilly hands, so look for a hat that covers your ears and look for gloves that are made out of thin, modern materials. 

2. Shoes for thought: You feet will be in the front line of most weather you will encounter on your winter break. Before you depart on your trip it is essential to invest in a good pair of shoes that are not only comfortable but good enough to be walking in the snow one minute to heading to dinner the next.

3. Layer up with light clothes: When packing for a trip in the winter, it is good to think layers! Pack a light long sleeved top, a fleecy jumper and a waterproof shell jacket and you'll be ready whatever the weather!

4. Take a Flask: Especially when out and about on an adventure holiday in the winter, a warm drink will be welcome at any point during the day. A small flask that can be tucked away in a rucksack without taking up too much space is always a good idea to take along and fill up at your next destination.

5. Let there be light: With the dark mornings and evenings, an important item to pack on a walking or cycling holiday is a torch. An LED, battery powered torch can come in handy when you least expect it!

What item would be your must have on a winter break?



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