6 May 2019

National Walking Month is here!

Image Credit: Cotswolds.com

May is National Walking Month! So now that the evenings are lighter for longer, and the weather is much more pleasant, it makes for the perfect time to get outside and get walking. Many people during National Walking Month sponsor themselves in this month to raise money for charities such as the BHF (British Heart Foundation). This is because it is an easy way to raise money to these charities that are involved with our health. After all, we all need a good way to de-stress ourselves after a long hard day of work, this is why walking is so good for you, it can make you happy as it makes you feel energised and refreshed.

Along with National Walking Month comes the ‘#TRY20’, campaign to encourage you to include 20 minutes of walking into your daily routine, Living Streets.com has created a handy list to help you squeeze in that list 20 minutes of walking each day. Check them out below:

  1. Invite friends and family to catch up during a walk              
  2. Try a walking meeting instead of being stuck in the office
  3. Food exclusion zones and head outside to enjoy your snacks
  4. Change up your routine and walk to or from work
  5. Get snap happy and take pics of your walking adventures
  6. Take the long cut to your next destination
  7. Walk to the local shops to get your shopping
  8. Try a scavenger hunt for a bit of fun
  9. Have a family adventure in the park
  10. Walk the kids to school
  11. Tues, 21st May is ‘Happy Shoesday’
  12. Treat yourself to a walk
  13. Eat on the go and enjoy the warmer weather
  14. Take a romantic promenade walk with your partner
  15. Take some time out for a mindful meander
  16. Head out for a shopping spree (two birds with one stone)
  17. Prepare for the weather and take a rain mac
  18. Make someone’s day by walking to visit them
  19. Power walk to the finish of a run
  20. Share your activities with others.
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