10 January 2018

Get active in 2018 with Compass Holidays!


With the New Year now in full swing and many of us thinking about what we want to change for 2018, becoming more active is a frequent contender.

Here at Compass Holidays, we are firm believer in being active and we think that getting out in the fresh can help to make the world of difference to not only your health but your wellbeing too.

So this year, if your aim is to get more active, discover a new passion or explore a new destination, we can help combine all three to ensure your 2018 is fulfilled.

Why not take a look at our walking or cycling short breaks to get out exploring a new destination in an active way? Or for those looking for an even bigger adventure, why not take a look at our range of once in a lifetime trekking trips or Bike Boat tours?

At Compass Holidays, there is something for everyone to start 2018 off on a great foot...or bike!

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