31 March 2020

Discover the world from your sofa

There's a big open world out there waiting to be discovered...from your sofa for now! Join us this week as we explore another five breathtaking destinations located right here in the UK.

Before heading off on this week's #VirtualEscape we definitely recommend you stock up on provisions including a nice hot cuppa and a biscuit or two, then you're all set to explore - Enjoy!

Feel on top of the world in the Pennines

Simply imagine taking in a deep breath on top of this mountain along the Pennine Way? Although it's known as one of the toughest National Trails, there are some extremely rewarding sights to witness along the way.

Feel festive in Padstow



Although it's a great year-round destination, Padstow hosts a truly unique Christmas Festival (we know it's only March...but so!) each year where the small fishing town is covered in lights including the boats. You'll never forget the sight of the twinkling lights reflecting in the sea.

Poldark's Cornwall


There are an endless amount of sights and attractions in Cornwall that all of those Poldark fan out there can explore.

Shakespeare in Stratford


Once home to William Shakespeare, the town of Stratford-Upon-Avon is a must for history and literature lovers. Nestled in the gorgeous countryside you'll find quaint cottages and homes all over.

Eco-Warrior Eden Project


The Eden Project in Cornwall is a truly inspiring visitor attraction. Big on making the world  a better place, a visit might just be what you need when all of this is over.


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