16 April 2019

Destination Showcase: Spain

Image Credit: ©Spain.info

Spain is one of Europe’s hottest holiday destinations and you can enjoy the beauty of one of the largest Balearic Islands, Majorca via our self-guided walking or cycling tour this summer. What’s more,there is also tours through places such as Lanzarote, Andalusia, Valencia and Catalonia. So there’s truly something for everyone with each Spanish island.

Spain is a wonderful place to visit all year round with its constant sunshine throughout the year and is known for its beautiful coastlines, exquisite food, fine wines and its extravagant fiestas.  Some of the most popular tourist destinations include Spanish olive grovea and plenty of picturesque Spanish villages.

This beautiful country is covered in mountains and hills, some even volcanic. Making it an ideal destination for an active holiday. Vacations to Spain are inspiring with all its photo opportunities and its active lifestyle led by the locals.

Here at Compass Holidays we offer a variety of tours to help you see Spain in a different way on your trip and to see some astonishing scenery that you wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to see.

Feeling inspired to take an walking or cycling holiday to Spain? Then follow this link https://www.compass-holidays.com/destinations/european-destinations/spain to see which active tour is best suite you.

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