28 September 2018

Destination Showcase: Bulgaria

Already thinking about your 2019 adventure? Whether you fancy cycling in the Balkan Mountains or walking through the Orpheus Mountains, the beauty of Bulgaria will be sure to delight all of your senses.

Located in Europe, this delightful country offers panoramic views over jagged mountain peaks, wonderful alpine meadows and deep forests. In fact, nearly one third of Bulgaria is covered in Forests making for the perfect place to explore and get closer to nature.

This beautiful destination is also known for its Rose Oil, which is used to make some of the most expensive perfumes in the world as well as delicious delicacies including the gorgeous pastry treat, Banitsa and (not for the faint hearted) Dragon’s Breath soup.

Feeling inspired to organise your trip to Bulgaria? Take a look at our exciting and inspiring range of walking and cycling tours that showcase the very best the Bulgaria has to offer.

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