6 June 2017

Destination Inspiration: Nepal

Nepal is one of the few places in the world that can offer awe-inspiring mountain vistas and incredible trekking.

We recently received a lovely email from one of our customers who took on the challenge of trekking in Nepal and we really wanted to share his comments on his incredible trip:

“The trek itself is incredible, genuinely the most stunning views we have ever seen. The guide spoke almost fluent English, was easy to be around and was very helpful. During the trek there were also great recommendations on other activities that we could do and we experienced paragliding! The route that we took was amazing. We asked for something that was off the beaten track and usually we went most of the day without seeing anyone else. The traditional tea houses where you stay are incredible a bit basic but with everything taken care of including luggage, food and transport. The tour can also be flexible as we made a few changes to our trip and we really liked this. Although the trek is very physically demanding we were still able to enjoy it immensely, however I can see some obvious challenges if people think it is going to be a comfortable trek. Once you go above 4000 metres the oxygen gets really thin and it becomes a bit challenging to breathe. The food whilst tasty is solely vegetarian.  It is also worth noting that there is a bus journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara which takes around 6-10 hours and although it does stop for bathroom breaks and food, it is a slow trip. We discovered that you can take a short 25 minute flight for $120 which is expensive but worth considering."

This was the exact image that won over our customers...



We have three guided Nepal trekking tours available, each of which offer awe-inspiring mountain vista views and offer different types of trekking experience including long treks for those who are experienced and short treks for those with no trekking experience.

Want to plan your next adventure? Trekking Nepal is an excellent trip to take with a group of friends, so gather your group together and get in touch with us on 01242 250642 to start discussing your next adventure!

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