21 August 2019

Compass Holidays: Our Tour Pack & Mobile App Explained

When you’re on a walking or cycling tour with Compass you can rest easy knowing that we have carefully planned out your route and is ready for you to enjoy especially as you’ll be provided with a full detailed tour pack and your own personal login to our mobile app.

Our tour pack is carefully written and well detailed to provide you with every bit of information you need for your selected tour. Included in each of these packs are comprehensive instructions for your direction together with maps and simple colour-coded routes so there’s no getting lost – not unless you want to of course!

Working alongside the tour pack  is our mobile app for which you will be given an individual login so you can access all the information you need. The app is available across Android and Apple phones and will guide you with GPS maps. It will also give you the opportunity to make the most out of your chosen area with ideas on things to do, places to visit and spots to grab a bite to eat. The pre-set route will guide you accompanied by the tour pack.

The app is downloaded via WiFi and all pertinent information is available offline so there’s no need to worry about expensive data charges when you’re finished enjoying your tour!

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