18 July 2017

10 Photos to make you fall in love with Cornwall


Located on the rugged South West tip of the English Isle, Cornwall is a stunning destination to be enjoyed by all. From its wealth of history and heritage simply down to its stunning coastlines and countryside, there is something for everyone down south.

We fell in love with Cornwall a long time ago here at Compass Holidays and have been providing walking and cycling holidays in the dreamy destination for over 20 years - We really want you to feel the same for this rugged gem! Therefore, we have chosen our top 10 favourite images that will make you fall in love with Cornwall:

St. Michael’s Mount: This famous tidal island is one of the most photographed places in Cornwall. The island is a civil parish and is linked to the town of Marazion. You can only venture to this postcard worthy scene by using the man-made causeway during mid and low tides. Don't worry if you visit during high tides; there is also a small ferry that can take you to the island.


Coastal Bliss: This image of Sandy Porthcurno shows just how idyllic the beaches of Cornwall truly are. The soft white sand and turquoise blue waters are often mistaken for far away and more exotic destinations.


Deep Countryside: Cornwall is extremely diverse; one minute you can be surrounded by sandy beaches and the next you can be nestled deep in the countryside. Bodmin Moor is a wonderful destination and is popular with walkers and cyclists alike. 


The Eden Project: The Eden Project is a popular visitor attraction that simply amazes those who visit. Witnessing the two biomes that house diverse climates and environments in amongst the green countryside really is a sight to see. 


Exciting Wildlife: Cornwall is home to some majestic wildlife and stunning sealife. This picture of a young man swimming with a seal really makes us want to pack up and visit for the 110th time! 


Cool Surfing: Cornwall is known for its range of water sports and the destination is popular with surfers and scuba divers. Surely there’s got to be nothing better than windsurfing past St. Michael’s Mount?! 


Traditional Fishing: Fishing plays the central part to local culture in Cornwall. There are many scenes of small fishing villages with boats heading in to showcase their latest catch. This image of small fishing boats in Port Isaac also shows the rugged coastline and its crystal clear waters. 


The Isles of Scilly: The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago off the Cornish Coast and it really is a peaceful place. With five inhabited islands and countless uninhabited islands, it boasts a whole host of stunning views. 


Cornish Cream Tea: A trip to Cornwall is never complete without a traditional Cornish Cream Tea. It’s always lovely to sit and eat fresh scones with local cream and jam and relax taking in the views across the harbour... 


Kynance Cove: Last, but certainly not least we have an image of Kynance Cove. This is actually one of our favourite places in Cornwall and we have this beauty spot included on our Cornwall walking and cycling holiday routes. Have you visited before? 


These images show just how beautiful Cornwall really is and if they haven’t won you over already, why not visit the South yourself? Here at Compass Holidays we have a range of walking and cycling holidays to help make you fall in love with Cornwall that little bit more...Take a look at what’s available here.

All of these stunning images are copyrighted to VisitEngland.

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