From Passau or Scharding to Vienna with Charm

From Passau or Scharding to Vienna with Charm

Day 1: Individual Arrival in the "Baroque Town" of Schärding or the Three Rivers Town " of Passau 

Check into your hotel then take time to stroll through the pretty little baroque town of Schärding and marvel at the famous Silberzeile lane, or take a walk through the “New Centre” of Passau, the town of three rivers, which has been completely redesigned as a pedestrian, car-free area.

Day 2: From Schärding or Passau to the bend of the Danube or surroundings: “The Upper Danube Valley”

Cycle along the river Inn to the town of the three rivers of Passau. Take a guided tour of the town and visit the cathedral to enjoy the sounds of the largest church organ in the world (except Sundays and public holidays). Then, continue along the Danube, first passing Obernzell and finally arriving in Engelhartszell with the only Trappist monastery in Austria. Next, cycle through the Donauleiten nature reserve, from where you will reach the Schlögen Bend to the north. This is where granite proved to be too much of an opponent and forced the Danube to change directions by 180 degrees. Whilst on a ferry that takes you to the other side of the river to your hotel, you have time to look at and enjoy this natural phenomenon.

Approx distance 25 – 34 miles (40 - 55 km)

Day 3: From the “Danube Bend” and surroundings to linz

Cycle through the green Eferdinger basin via the market towns of Aschach, Ottensheim and Wilhering, all the way to the Upper Austrian capital of Linz. The historical Old Town of Linz has many pubs and eateries to relax in. Other highlights of the European Capital of Culture 2009 include the magnificent views from Pöstlingberg mountain and a stroll through the Donaulände park.

Approx distance 31 miles (50 Km)

Day 4: From Linz to Grein and surroundings - “Through the Marchland”

Take a detour away from the course of the Danube to St. Florian (Augustinian monastery) and to Enns. In the town square stands a 60 m tower, the landmark of the oldest town in Austria. Alternatively, visit the archaeological collection in the municipal museum Lauriacum. Afterwards, return to the river, first reaching the beautiful little baroque town of Grein and an opportunity to visit the, oldest municipal theatre in Austria that is still being used, the maritime museum or Greinburg castle.

Day 5: From Grein surroundings to Wachau - “Strudengau and Nibelungengau”

This section of the Danube, the Strudengau, was once feared by sailors Where once they used to fight against the Danube currents, you can now take a leisurely cycle ride. In Maria Taferl, high above the Danube, you will find the magnificent pilgrimage church, which attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.

Approx distance 31 - 37 miles (50 – 60 km)

Day 6: From Wachau to Krems - “Wachau”

Stop in Melk and look up or you will miss the beautiful Stift Melk monastery that overlooks the Danube. As soon as you leave the town you will enter the picturesque Wachau region, where you can enjoy the charming atmosphere of the region’s typical orchards and vineyards. Pass through the tiny wine towns of Spitz and Weißenkirchen, cycle past the Dürnstein Castle ruin and finish your journey in the 1000-year old town of Krems.

Day 7: From Krems to Vienna - “Vienna Woods”

The final kilometres the bike tour will be a relaxed trip to the Danube metropolis of Vienna. According to the selected variant, part of this stage is covered by train. As soon as you arrive you can check-in and then enjoy all the amenities of the city for the rest of the day. Treat yourself to a Viennese-style Americano coffee and a piece of the famous Sachertorte cake in one of Vienna’s typical coffee houses. Take a stroll along Vienna’s Parade shopping street, along Mariahilfer Strasse, visit the St Stephen’s Cathedral or see the main sights and take a trip in one of the famous Fiaker cabs.

Approx distance 28 – 40 miles (45 - 65 km)

Day 8: Individual Departure or Extension