Our European Destinations

Discover some of Europe’s most beautiful cities and countryside on one of our walking or cycling holidays.

From cycling along the coast of Italy to hiking in Austria and even dog sledding in Norway, there is a destination waiting to be discovered.


Explore the beauty of Austria by foot or by bike with Compass Holidays. Take a self guided walking or cycling tour and discover..


Discover the south eastern country of Bulgaria with Compass Holidays. Whether you choose to cycle along the Balkan Mountains or walk through the..


Witness the beaches of Normandy or discover the steep coast of Bretagne on one of our walking and cycling holidays in the beautiful..


Explore the rugged mountains and picturesque countryside of Germany on one of our cycling or walking holidays. Enjoy climbing one of the most..


Discover the Netherlands in a unique way on one of our relaxing bike and boat tours. Explore the Holland Northern Route or the..


Explore the gorgeous country of Italy on one of our delightful walking or cycling holidays. From walking the heights of the Dolomites Mountains..


Experience a true winter wonderland on our Norway tour. Enjoy exciting activities such as dog sledding by day and experience chasing the Northern..


Enjoy the warmth of the Spanish sun on your skin while on one of our walking or cycling vacations. Experience the largest of..

The Danube

Take a self guided walking, cycling or bike boat tour along The Danube and experience the delightful Austrian culture.


Portugal is a southern European country situated on the border of Spain. It's location on the Atlantic Ocean has influenced its many cultures..