Portugal is a southern European country situated on the border of Spain. It's location on the Atlantic Ocean has influenced its many cultures especially with tasty fish dishes including salt cod and grilled sardines.

With its luscious sandy beaches and sleepy seaside villages, Portugal is a wonderful destination to enjoy any time of the year.

Some of the best places in Portugal to visit include:

  • The Fisherman's Trail running along the Costa Vicentina
  • The Via Algarviana - Algarve's Island
  • Gorgeous beaches
  • Traditional Portuguese food

Did you know...

  • Portugal is one of the oldest European countries
  • Lisbon is home to the longest bridge in Europe
  • Portugal is one the world's top surf spots
  • Portugal is famous for its exceptional wine and signature spirit, Port
Portugal is an all year round holiday destination. If you enjoy a warmer climate plan your vacation during the summer months of May to September or for a cooler climate, arrange your holiday during the winter months of October to April.

Getting to Portugal:

By Rail/Bus – There are a number of public transport options operating in Portugal.

By Air – There are a number of airports in Portugal including Faro Airport.