England's Great West Way®

125 mile touring route between London to Bristol. 

Launched in summer 2019, England’s Great West Way® is a new 125-mile touring route stretching between London and Bristol that uses well-established routes to connect the two centres. Roam through idyllic countryside as well as passing through historic towns and villages.

We are making the most of this new initiative to launch our new cycling product which will take your clients out of London and cross-country to Bristol in the South-West. Your clients will then be perfectly placed to head North to The Cotswolds or South to Cornwall and the new cycling route can even be combined with one of our tours in these centres.

The Northern and Southern Routes.

There are two routing options, both of which leave London and head westwards to Windsor before splitting near Maidenhead. The Northern route runs via High Wycombe and Oxford and heads off the way slightly, meanwhile the Southern route runs through smaller towns and villages at the bottom edge of The Cotswolds. The two routes rejoin to enter Bristol, or as an alternative clients can complete their tour in the historic Town of Bath Spa.