Europe & World Cycling

With some fantastic flat cycle routes or more challenging terrains,  there is something for each and every cyclist to discover within our range of worldwide destinations.

Austria Cycling

The country of Austria offers excellent cycle routes and scenery. The country can be discovered easily on a cycling tour with Compass Holidays.

France Cycling

Witness the beaches of Normandy or discover the steep coast of Bretagne on one of our cycling vacations in lovely France.  

Holland Cycling

Discover the colourful Netherlands in a unique way on one of our relaxing bike and boat tours.

Italy Cycling

Explore the gorgeous European country of Italy on one of our delightful cycling holidays.

Spain Cycling

Enjoy the warmth of the spectacular Spanish sun on your skin while on a cycling holiday with Compass Holidays.

Danube Cycling

Take a self guided cycling or bike boat tour along the delightful Danube and experience laid-back Austrian culture.

Portugal Cycling

With its luscious sandy beaches and sleepy seaside villages, Portugal is a wonderful destination to enjoy any time of the year by bike.

Namibia Cycling

Experience the heat of the desert sun in the southwest African country of Namibia and take on a once in a lifetime experience;..