11 July 2017

Top Four European destinations for a cycling holiday

Here at Compass Holidays, we think that there is nothing better than exploring a new destination by bicycle. Cycling is a great way to discover a new location or to get better acqainted with an old favourite and it really is surprising how much distance a bike can cover even at a leisurely pace!

We have pulled together our top four European destinations that are perfect for a cycling holiday. Check them out below:

The delightful Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is Britain’s largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and covers nearly 800 square miles. The area is home to a number of fantastic cycling routes that enable you to explore honey coloured villages and historical market towns as well as take in the beautiful countryside. Find out more about our Cotswold cycling holidays here.

The coasts of Cornwall

Located on the rugged southwestern tip of England is Cornwall. The area forms a peninsula that houses wild moorlands and hundreds of sandy beaches and coves. Cornwall is teaming with a variety of cycling routes to suit all levels of cyclists and there is wealth of wildlife, history and heritage to be discovered while on your journey. Take a look at our Cornwall tours.

Irresistible Italy

The European country of Italy is situated deep within the Mediterranean and is home to some of the world’s most recognisable cities including Rome, Florence and Venice. Italy is also home to some excellent cycleways that run through rolling countryside and traditional villages. Our favourite Italian cycling tour takes you from Florence to Rome. Take a look here.

Always Austria

Last but not least is Austria. Located in Central Europe, Austria is a destination filled with natural and pristine landscapes. The country offers an almost unlimited choice of cycle routes and mountain bike paths to suit all keen cyclists. Our favourite cycling tour in Austria takes you from the famous old town of Innsbruck to Lake Garda in Italy. Find out more here.

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