5 March 2020

Take it easy on an e-bike

Not discovered a cycling tour before and worried about your own fitness levels? Using a electric bike can actually be a great introduction to a cycling holiday.

Many of our travellers opt to discover a new region using a e-bike as it provides a much more relaxing pace. So if you are thinking about a cycling holiday, don't be put off by a push bike, here's our top reasons to try out an electric bike:

Cover greater distances

E-bikes are set up with handy little motors so you can go further and cover greater distances that what you would do if you were using a regular bike. You could actually cover up to 35 miles each day without too much of a workout!

Take on varied terrains

Another great thing about E-bikes is that it helps every cyclist from novice to an experienced rider take on more challenging terrains. The support of the in built motor gives you that extra boost, especially when you're tackling a rather steep hill.

You can keep up with other travellers

If you are travelling with some seasoned cyclists and you've not had any previous experience of a cycling holiday, a E-bike can give you a little push to keep up with your group. Towards the end of the trip, we can imagine they'll wish they chose an E-bike to cycle too!

You will still feel the benefits

Don't be fooled and think that the E-bike motor will do all of the work for you, because it won't. Although it is there to assist with your cycling, you will still need to pedal so you'll still be moving...a lot!

Just take in the scenery

While cycling on a E-bike you can still enjoy the benefits of cycling at a general speed. So you'll have plenty of time to focus on the passing villages, landscapes and say hello to the people you pass!

Here at Compass Holidays we offer an affordable E-bike upgrade so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Let's face it, you want to relax, you're on holiday!

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