3 July 2017

Le Tour de France kicked off on Saturday

On Saturday, the world’s top cyclists geared up ready for one of the most prestigious cycling events of the year, Le Tour de France. The cycling event will see 21 jam packed days of action all of which will be broadcast live on ITV4 for at least 4 hours every day, with an additional hour of highlights every evening.

Le Tour de France is the sister cycling event of the Tour of Britain, which is now just under 10 weeks away starting on 3rd September. British cyclists took inspiration from Le Tour de France and organised their own version of the event in 1945, at least 42 years after the first Tour de France had taken place. This year the Tour of Britain will be passing through our very own HQ town of Cheltenham and the excitement is really starting to build up here!

The 104th Tour de France set off in Dusseldorf, Germany and the riders will cover a distance of 3,540 Kilometres (approximately 2,199 miles) with only 2 rest days. The race will come to a stunning finish in Paris Champs - Elysees on Sunday 23rd July.

We're sure that this event is going to get everyone into the cycling spirit and create a buzz around the upcoming Tour of Britain events!

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