11 June 2018

Destination Showcase: The Danube

Located deep in Eastern Europe is the well-known Danube River which passes through 10 inspirational countries including Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The Danube which passes through many countries and cities than any other river, was once a long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire. The river flows southeast for 2,860km through Europe until it reaches the Black Sea. Throughout history, the river has been a lifeline and a vital shipping route for tradesmen.

What's so different about the Danube is that it is lined by a series of popular bicycle trails meaning and it's a historical hot spot for artists too.

Here at Compass Holidays we love the Danube and think it makes for the perfect destination for our Bike Boat tours. The long bicycle routes are great for cyclists of all levels and allow you to take in some breathtaking views. The river is also great for the floating hotels that await you on our Bike Boat tours.

From Austria to Germany, we have a variety of tours that travel along the Danube, which tour will you choose?



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