Amazing Adventure Holidays & Short Breaks

 Just as no two people are the same, no two holidays need be either. With that in mind, whether you’re into travelling by foot, bicycle or even skis, we’ll be sure to have an amazing activity break to suit your needs. Have a good browse of our other activities available to enjoy below.


Bike & Boat Holidays

Do sailing and cycling go together hand in hand for you? Join one of our bike boat tours to enjoy a perfect mix..

Cross Country Skiing

For those in search of some winter adventure, our self-guided cross-country skiing tour is sure to be right up your street. Explore the..

Arctic Wonders

Explore a winter wonderland tour on one of our unforgettable Artic adventures. Between admiring the stunning Northern Lights and taking a ride on..

Trekking Experiences

If hiking through some of the world’s most famous mountain ranges suits you perfectly, one of our trekking holidays could be the perfect..

Bike Hike Holidays

If hiking alone isn’t enough for you, one of our bike and hike tours could be the perfect match for you. By combining..

Driving Tour

If something a little less active but still fast-paced is your cup of tea, why not have a browse at our exciting English..

City Breaks

If your short on time and craving a pause from the normal, a city break is the perfect option for a short stay..