Other Amazing Activities

Whether you are looking to explore a new destination by foot, by bicycle, by boat or even by skis, Compass Holidays will have an amazing activity break to suit you.

Bike Boat Tours

Sail and cycle along a new destination on one of our unique Bike Boat Tours. There are many news things to discover on..

Cross Country Skiing

Set off on a self guided cross country skiing tour through the heart of an Italian mountain range and discover breathtaking views, local cuisine and enjoy..

Arctic Wonders

Discover the Arctic Wonders on one of our exciting tours. Chase the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights and experience dog sledding in..


Enjoy an unforgettable trekking experience with Compass Holidays through some of the world's most famous mountain ranges and reach for the skies!

Bike Hike Tours

Enjoy the best of both worlds on our range of bike and hike tours. These exciting short breaks include a number of days..

Driving Tour

Discover the delightful English Countryside by using four wheels rather than two on our exciting driving tour. The beauty of this wonderful driving..