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Compass Holidays specialise in walking and cycling short breaks and holidays around the UK and Europe. Founded over 20 years ago, our vast expertise means we know how to plan holidays to highlight the very best the countryside has to offer. Compass has also just launched a series of bike & boat tours around some of Italy's most breathtaking coastline.

A unique and active holiday with Compass allows you to get under the skin of the history, culture and natural beauty of some of the UK and Europe's most iconic and stunning locations.

Not only this, Compass will organise your holiday for you so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time away. Simply choose your activity, destination, dates and numbers and leave the rest to us. Want to know more about the quality of our service? Here's what our clients have to say....

Alternatively, find out more the owner of Compass Holidays, Steve Short.

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This year we were very proud to be a finalist for the Gloucestershire Business Awards. The award that we were recongnised for was 'Made in Gloucestershire Export Award'. 




The Downside of an Environmentally Friendly City!

Copenhagen in Denmark is a paradise for cyclists! They have 400km of cycle lanes and bridges made solely for cyclists. Amazingly, !

With all of these bikes, the main problem that stands out all over the city is where they are left. There are clearly not enough stands, which result in bikes being leant against each other to form a mass of parked bikes. These bikes cause shop entrances to be blocked, pavement spaces to be filled, which in turn cause pedestrians to have to walk on the road.

Its great to see so many cyclists in Copenhagen and we can only hope that one day England has more. For those cyclists in Cheltenham that are looking for a safe place to lock up their bikes then we can help. At Cheltenham Bikes, we have a facility where you can leave your bikes at our workshop throughout the day(during our working hours) for a small charge. This not only keeps them safe, it also keeps them dry and out of the rain!

To find out more about locking your bike up with us, please .


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