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Compass Holidays specialise in walking and cycling short breaks and holidays around the UK and Europe. Founded over 20 years ago, our vast expertise means we know how to plan holidays to highlight the very best the countryside has to offer. Compass has also just launched a series of bike & boat tours around some of Italy's most breathtaking coastline.

A unique and active holiday with Compass allows you to get under the skin of the history, culture and natural beauty of some of the UK and Europe's most iconic and stunning locations.

Not only this, Compass will organise your holiday for you so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time away. Simply choose your activity, destination, dates and numbers and leave the rest to us. Want to know more about the quality of our service? Here's what our clients have to say....

Alternatively, find out more the owner of Compass Holidays, Steve Short.

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This year we were very proud to be a finalist for the Gloucestershire Business Awards. The award that we were recongnised for was 'Made in Gloucestershire Export Award'. 




Cycling is getting safer

Cycling in the UK is often thought to be dangerous but looking back at previous years it is shown how the UK is adapting and changing to allow for better cycling facilities around the country.

You would naturally expect that as both the number of cyclists and cars has rapidly increased, the number of incidents would rise accordingly. However, the amount of accidents has actually decreased. The record number of cycling deaths occurred in the . Since then the number of fatalities has decreased and last year's records shows that there were.

This drop in accidents and fatalities I believe is due to a better awareness of cycling safety. Lights are used frequently so cyclists can be seen in the dark and helmets help to reduce the impact if an accident were to occur. Cycle awareness adverts are also shown more frequently and cycle lanes help to control the traffic. Bicycles have also become more stable since the 1930's. I think that all of these factors together have helped to reduce the amount of accidents in the UK and I recommend that these campaigns should be advertised as much as possible, especially as the number of cyclists continues to rise.

With 'National Take a Ride Day' coming up on the 22nd November, we are offering a free bike safety check* to make sure that your bike is in working order and in its best shape. If you would like any more information please contact us. 


*Only one bicycle check per person

*Free bicycle safety check must be taking on the 22 November

* There is no need to book in advance, turn up to our workshop during 10am-5pm

*Free bicycle safety check cannot be exchanged for another offer or any monetary value


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