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Canal du Midi - Thursday 8th October 2015

An early start today, at 9:45 am I cast off pushed the bow of Amity off the bank and jumped on board. A sunny day with a slight breeze. We were heading for Castelnaudery today, home of the dish 'Cassoulet', a mix of beans, tomatoes and pork or duck.

I love Cassoulet (why am I always thinking of my stomach!), Peter is not so keen, too many beans he said.

We meander down the canal and hit our first lock of the day (not literally). The locks on the Canal du Midi are unusual, they have curved walls, evidently in the original construction the locks were rectangular but the walls in one lock collapsed so Riquet redesigned them in an oval shape for added support. The lock gates were originally made of oak with balance beamsand each gate had a single large woodensluicedrawn up by a vertical screw.

During the modernisation of the canal in the 1970's new gates of metal construction were fitted along with electricandhydraulicsystems for lifting of the sluices and the opening the gates. This has seen the removal of the balance beams.

We arrived in Castelnadary at around 4.30 pm and moored up. We had decided to eat out tonight so the two girls went off to see which restaurant they wanted to eat in, it seems that the boys had no say in the matter. Success, we knew where we were eating.

It seems that all they restaurants served cassoulet so I would be happy. Our table was booked for 8pm so at 7:30 we wandered off to the restaurant. I always have a dilemma in restaurants, to choose something new to try or stick with an old favourite that I really like. This evening was a bit of both, a local delicacy was 'Roasted Bone Marrow' (os moelle).

I decided to try this as my starter, roasted with salt this was delicious. You can guess what my main was, yes cassoulet. Peter had fish soup followed by hamburger.

Back to the boat for a couple of games of cards before heading for bed.

Please visit www.compass-holidays.com/canal-du-midi/ to book the Canal tour.


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