Recycle your old bike with Cheltenham Bikes

National Recycling week may have been and gone but you can still bring in your unwanted bikes so that they can be upcycled or used for parts.

When bringing in your bike to us we will offer market value for it. We will then repair and service the bike, or strip it for parts depending on its state of repair.

A lot of people take their unwanted bikes to the tip to be disposed of, but most of the parts can easily be recycled. We're urging people to bring their unwanted bikes in so we can recycle as many parts as possible. It also saves people the hassle of having to take them down to the tip, they can just be brought down to us so we can use what we can and then dispose of the remaining unusable parts properly.

According to Recycle Now; only the metal parts of a bike can be recycled at the tip, when taking your bike to the tip you are asked to remove any rubber or plastic parts such as tyres, inner tubes, saddles, brakes, plastic lights or lock fittings and bells.

By bringing your bike to us instead is can be handed over with all pieces intact. We will reuse what we can and the rest will be disposed of properly. This not only saves time but it will enable us to reuse perfectly good parts that would have otherwise been thrown away.

For more information on recycle your cycle then please visit our website   or our Facebook page 

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